Two Ways To Get Google Wave Invitation

Google_wave Google Wave is one of the most exciting technology product of this year that is expected to create ripples over the internet. Google Wave is basically a communication tool that allows collaboration in real time to combine the experiences of email, web, chat, blog, wikis and social networking.

Google today announced that they are sending invitation to 1,00,000 early adopters who are interested in the riding the Wave. If you want to be the one among those to have your hands on with Google, here is what you have to do

1. Sign up for Google Wave Account: Send a request to Google Wave team to get invitation by filling this form. Majority of the invitations sent by Google are from this list, so straight away fill the form to get invitation.

2. Ask Google Wave users to Invite you: Google Wave is following GMail style invitation model to allow new users. So if you know any of your friends who have access to Google Wave access, then ask them to invite you.


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