How To Add Twitter Search To Google [Firefox Add-on]

The recent survey shows that the social media tool Twitter is going to dominate even the search engine giant Google.The power of Twitter lies in its real-time search results and already it is said to have more than 25 million tweets per day.

Here we’ve found out a very useful Firefox add-on which display these twitter real time search results for any search term on top of Google search results.


How to Install it?

Unlike the other Firefox add-on’s, this service comes as a Greasemoney script.So you need to install Greasemoney add-on first and then the actual add-on.

1.First install the Greasemonekey Add-on Thru this link.

2.Now you can click the ‘install’ button on this link to install the actual add-on ‘Real-time Twitter search on Google’.

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