HTC Legend froyo

HTC Legend get’s 2.2 Froyo update – India

HTC Legend started to received 2.2 Froyo update from yesterday night. If you did not receive an automatic update prompt, please check the same manually in your phone, I am pretty sure you will get it now. Ok, lets get into business

Good news

  • Update was  smooth over Wi-Fi
  • App’s like, Flash light, App sharing, easy adding of attachments in sms, etc are part of update
  • Google Maps 5.0 [But no 3D view]
  • Much awaited Good voice with full integration with the phone!!!!
  • Flash 10

Now for really bad news

  • Phone seems to slow down a lot, that’s not something that we really want :(
  • New browser with the Froyo update does not seems be all that good as the one installed already
  • Since phone is little sluggish, the really smooth touch effects seem to be bad!

HTC Legend froyo

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