kinect finger gestures

Kinect will recognise your finger movement

kinect finger gesturesSources inside Microsoft suggest that Microsoft is  tying to improve Kinect motion controller to detect finger gestures. This could be a huge boost to gaming. There are quite a few things that we can do with our fingers when playing games like driving, shooting,sports etc. If fingers are captured then  XBox will give more realistic version of our avatar. Eurogamer has also suggested the same according to their sources.

It would be only(mostly) a software update and would not require a new camera, because the USB controller interface currently in place in Kinect can take in data up-to 35MBps. The current utilization is only around roughly 1/2 of it. So there is currently a facility to send more data.

Little more tech data, Kinect does transmit 320×240-pixel in 30 fps, if the device could capture and transfer at 640×480 pixels, then better resolution can detect more movements compared to current level of detection.

Lets wait and watch !

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