Save GMail attachments directly to Google Drive

What makes Google Drive attractive is it ability to play nice with other Google offerings like Google Docs, GMail, Android mobiles & tablets. Google Drive is well integrated with Google Docs and every document you create is automatically saved on Google Drive.

Google Drive’s integration with other services like GMail may be in progress at Google, but enthusiastic community developers has released a plugin to integrate with GMail. The Google Chrome plugin “Gmail Attachments To Drive” lets you automatically save GMail attachments to Google Drive with a single click.


Once the plugin is installed it adds a link “Save To Drive” next to each attachment displayed on GMail and on clicking, it automatically saves the files to Google Drive. I tested the plugin by saving attachments like PDFs, MS Word documents and Images to Google Drive and it worked very well. 

I don’t have any complaints on the plugin except couple of feature requests. If the plugin can provide option “Save All Files To Drive” it will be very much helpful to save all attachment of an email at one shot. Also it would be great if the developer can extend it to Firefox too. Anyways it’s a great plugin for Google Drive users and worth checking it out.

Install Gmail Attachments To Drive for Google Chrome

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