Bypass Facebook Social Reader Apps using Google Chrome Extension

One of the most annoying features of Facebook  is it’s Social Reader Apps that share automatically whatever your read, watch or listen online.  I don’t like to share what ever I do online to Facebook as I want my privacy.

Few of  my friends knowingly or unknowingly are using Social Reader apps and their online activity is automatically posted to the wall. To read these articles or watch videos shared by Social Reader application I need to add the application and allow it to automatically post.

I don’t like Social Reader Apps and if you are one like me, here is a Google Chrome browser plugin that allows us to bypass Social Reader Apps. The extension Facebook Unsocial Reader smartly rewrites Facebook links in such a way that you will be able to access content of links without adding Social Reader Apps to your account.

To rewrite the links, the extension cleverly uses Google I’m Feeling Lucky service and searches for the article’s title. The first search result of Google is almost perfect in identifying the original article link. If you are a heavy Facebook user and concerned about using Social Reader Apps, this plugin is must to have. Photo (cc) Josh Hallett.

Facebook Unsocial Reader Extension for Google Chrome

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