Thumbs up Google – Chrome gain continues

Marker Google chrome increases its browser market share to 5.61% up from last month 5.22%. Surprisingly Chrome is the only browser which has gained according the latest market survey by NetMarketShare and Ars Technica for the month of February.

IE continued it’s decline and stood with the share of 61.58%.Firefox failed to breach the 25% mark yet again with a decline from last month with 24.23%

“One’s Loss is Another’s Gain” as Google is gaining from the loss of IE, Firefox, Safari(4.5%)  and Opera (3.5%) analysts predict these could be some of the reasons.

Brand Google:

Of course every one knows it is from Google and these days Google is trying all  possible means to advertise Chrome ( you can see adds about chrome is almost  all the Google sites)

It is Fast:

Yes It is fast compared to IE and other browsers but definitely not the fastest as Opera claims it to be fastest browser with its latest release Opera 10.50. There is a already lot of buzz going around the Web on which is the fastest and we will leave them to decide

Extensions & MAC support:

Increase in the number of extensions ( not as much as for Firefox) and release of Chrome version for Mac support could be one of reasons for its gain

The below table  shows the market share of the each leading  browser for the last one year as you can see there is clear decline for IE and Microsoft has to do some miracle  stop it.


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