Calculate Your Electricity Tariff Online [Indian Website]

Yet another information for all the fellow guys in Tamil Nadu. Following our article, how to pay our electricity bills online, now we have one more web link that allows us to calculate our electricity bill bimonthly.


The tariff calculator site allows us to calculate the electricity bill based on the number of units that we used during that period. This is also a way to cross check if we are paying the bill based on our actual usage or are we paying more.

The site has two categories for which the tariff can be calculated. For all the Tamil Nadu residents, the domestic tariff calculator has to be selected. Rest all others come under commercial type. Choose the option accordingly and enter the number of electricity units that you used for that month. Now click on Calculate to get the Nett amount that you have to pay.

Thanks to TNEB for providing such an informative and useful site.

Calculate Your Electricity Tariff Online

Image Credit : Kai Hendry

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