Web Gaints wants their web sites to get preference from network providers to display first

According to the law “All are equal” and the cable companies are not supposed to give any preference to any particular web site to take any advantage in terms of loading a page.  For example I cannot strike a deal with AT&T or BSNL by telling them that my web server IP address is “123.456.789.123” and my site is techdreams.org and Imagine if you are a cable operator and I say to you “If a request comes for my website from any person using your internet connection cable line, load my page first before all the other request for some other page from other users” But…

Top internet giants have now thinking of violating this law. We are hearing reports that such requests have been made. Such moves are really unfair because an ordinary website cannot compete with such giants. If I have a video streaming server and if some major player in the business strikes a deal with the network provide then I am out of business, same applies to e-mail or for that matter any web application.

All the top notch tech companies who are into web business have been supporting big time about “network neutrality” are now silent. If this is not taken up as a serious issue then we would see many web sites go out of business very soon. 

The problem not only ends there, almost all the web giants now are also provide web hosting  as a service. If we find only those under their shadow by hosting thir sites with them get preference then we will be forced to move under their shadow and then host only with them.  

This is really an unhealthy war if it begins. Speed and superior features should be shown in the companies own strength of providing a service and using Innovative technology now thro these means. I feel really sad to hear about this personally.


Picture credit : minutemanmedia

PS: I am not mentioning any company name here because the answer is ALMOST ALL OF THEM :(

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