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Download Offline Installer Of Windows Live Essentials Beta Suite

Microsoft recently upgraded the Windows Live applications and started rebranding the suite as  Windows Live Essentials. All the application of Windows Live suite(Live Writer, Live Messenger, Live Movie Maker, Live Photo Gallery, Live Call, Live Toolbar for IE) are slightly upgraded to integrate better with the other applications.

The new additions to the Live suite are Microsoft SilverLight and Live Sync(previously known as FolderShare). With this move, Microsoft Mesh is the only Live application that is not yet part of Windows Live suite. Hope soon we will see Mesh also part of Live Essentials.

You can download the offline version of the installer from here[130 MB].


  1. Paul G

    Excellent – but what I was desperarte to look for was offline install of LIve Mesh (the wlc site is blocked as the company uses updates from internal enterprise site)

  2. venkat

    It is really irritating to install entire Windows Live suite connecting their site rather than a standalone installer will be very useful,thanks for sharing.

  3. sundar

    Hey dude! I was searching for this for a long time. Cool that you found out. I am sure like me many are looking for a off line installer.

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