YouTube’s New Mobile Website Offers HQ Streaming

Here is a brand new YouTube mobile website,, for those who has HTML 5 compatible browsers – mostly iPhone & Android owners. The redesigned website offers easy to navigate user interface, better touch features and high quality video streaming.

According to Youtube’s blog post, here’s what’s new about it:

  • It’s really fast. 
  • The user interface incorporates larger, more touch-friendly elements, making it easier to access videos on the go. 
  • It incorporates the features and functionality you’ve come to expect from the .com site, like search query suggestions, the options to create playlists, the ability to designate “favorite,” “like” or “unlike” videos directly from your device.
  • As we make improvements to, you’ll see them quickly follow on our mobile site, unlike native apps which are not updated as frequently


The redesigned website is aimed at replacing native mobile apps of YouTube, especially on Apple highly controlled iPhones(check the last point in the above list). Google don’t want to wait till approves their native applications for iPhone so they want to take the web route which is not controlled by anyone. It make sense to Google to concentrate on mobile websites rather than native apps as it’s a tough job to keep developing applications separately for individual mobile operating systems.

iPhone Users: Should You Discontinue Native App and Use Mobile Site?

If you would like to watch high quality videos of YouTube then you should consider using mobile site. If you want a solid and stabile utility with the features like personal viewing history, keep track of your subscriptions then you stick to the native app for sometime. For more detailed insight on this check this readwriteweb article

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