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How To Identify Establishment Code Of A PF Account[India]

One the readers of Tech Dreams sent a mail to me asking about how to know establishment code of his PF account. Also I see the most asked question in comments section of the article Know Your PF Transfer /Withdrawal Status Online is how to identify establishment code of  a PF account.

In order to help the readers who is not able to identify establishment code of their PF account, here is the information for you. Establish Code is an unique number assigned to your organization by Government of India and Extension Number is for the branch of your organisation if any. Establishment code is part of your PF account number and it’s a 5 digit code. Here is a simple illustration that highlights(underlined in red) establishment codes of two PF accounts.


For example if your Bangalore PF account number is KN/46753/987 then establishment code of your PF account is 46753.

Hope this article helps you to easily identify establishment code of your PF account.

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