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Know Your PF Transfer /Withdrawal Status Online [Indian Website]

It was a pain for all of us to know the status of PF transfer /withdrawal once it is initiated. We had to wait for a long time and there would not be any clue of whether transfer would happen or not. But now we have got a chance to see PF Transfer/Withdrawl status online. The Indian government has created a web site where we can check the details regarding our PF transfer /withdrawal. All we have to know is our PF account number given in our previous office.


Click here to know your PF withdrawal/transfer status.Select the state and the exact place where you were working previously. Provide the establishment code which is available in your PF account number. For example if your PF account number is TN/12345/2003, then your establishment code is 12345. Once you provide this establishment code in the appropriate place, the name of your previous employer appears below the column which confirms that you have entered the establishment code correctly. Finally provide your employee id of your previous company and then click the “Get Claim Status” to know the status of your PF transfer /withdrawal.

Website to check PF Transfer/Withdrawl status

How To Identify Establishment Code Of a PF Account

  • Patil B.Y

    Dear sir/Madam,

    Please check i have applied for EPF transfer from
    previous company to present company account, details enclosed above, please go
    through and kindly send us status report is it my EPF account transferred or
    still pending, i have checked not updated till now please replay i have called
    so many times to EPF Office park street nobody is receiving calls, Please provide me
    status report of transfer of EPF account and pension scheme.

    previous EPF ID MH/KND/92779/1370
    previous company name in pay slip: yogeesh basavarajappa patil

    Present EPF ID WB/PRB/34836/2249
    present Name in pay slip : Patil B.Y

    Letter and EPF transfer form -13 submitted date 10.08.2011

    Thanks & Regards

    Patil B.Y


  • Dilavar Mulla

    There is error : “Data is not available for the given input.”

  • Mudit Agarwal



    can i apply directly in p.f. office. because company is not taking seriously. fixed time given for withdraw the pf. thank you. . .

  • Abhijit patil

    I had given a withdrawal form 10C & form 19 in July 2011 but still now I have not received my claim yet . it is already 5 months now. LET ME KNOW THE STATUS AND SETTLE MY ACCOUNT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

  • sanjay kumar

    Dear Sir/Mam, haye ………………..!
    this side sanjay kumar. I have applied for my p.f. amount since 5 month back. when i searched epf Bangalore web site.There was only this information that my p.f. withdrawal form received by epf office Bangalore at 15 July2011and claim is under-process. this time More than Four month passed But, P.F amount not transferred in my bank account. anybody tell me on mail when i will get my P.F amount.

  • Matta Reddy

    Hi All,

    I applied My PF transfer request in MAY 2011, when I check the status it shows it was approved “payment under process”.. But I am seeing the same status for the last 4 months.. Is there any other to know exactly what’s happening…
    Thanks & Regards
    Matta Reddy

  • Ravi Dutt Pathak

    i submitted my pf paper fer 2010 till date i have not recieved my pf plz send it as soon as possible thanks and regards Ravi.

  • madhumita radhika

    hi gopinath,I worked in a reputed company for a year, i did not receive my PF transfer since 2008 as i had 2 transfer 2 chennai i had 2 quit d company abruptly nw am back so
    I would like to know is there any other way to get the PF transfered.
    i would be grateful if u could suggest me an alternate way to withdraw or get it transfered to my account its a kind request plz do help me…………….

    • Suganya

      Hi Madhumita,

      PF transfer or withdrawal has to be initiated from your previous employer. If you are not employed currently, you can initiate the withdrawal from your previous company or you can go for transfer by initiating it from your current company, if currently working. In any case, your previous employer would be contacted.

      Let me know if you need more information.

  • anupal

    Please help me with EPF CLAIM helpline nos to know the status of my claim.I have submmited my claim on 1/06/2011 but i still donot have any clue.

  • namita

    i resigned in may 2011 & my earlier company was submitted form 19 & 300 on sep 23 , but till date i have no update on my pf status .kindly pls advise how long it take ?

  • Elizabeth Anne

    I resigned in June 2011 on the 30th. Was said PF would be got in September… No news till now. How long will it take please?

  • prabhakar

    i got a sms from epfo 0n 21.7.2011 to recived my p.f. application.till now i have not recived my claim,how many more days it will take?

  • K.Pradeep Kumar

    I had given a withdrawal form 10C & form 19 in March 2011 but still now I have not received my claim yet . it is already 5 months now. LET ME KNOW THE STATUS AND SETTLE MY ACCOUNT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

  • Dinesh

    all org are bogus

  • tatireddy somasekhar

    i need for my pf staties

  • parmeshwaran

    Please, let me status of my pf

  • sathish kumar

    i have submitted my pf claim form more than 50 days completed when i will get my claim kindly help me

    thanx and regards

  • Swetha

    The link mentioned doesn’t work.
    When was the last time someone got any info from this link?


    Sir i am applied 23rd march 2011 for withdrawal a amount till i am not receiving my amount its very urgent for me please do need full as soon as possible.

  • Surya

    You can raise complains at Thanks

  • Satish

    Hi the links dont work. Has anybody ever got information through the Website. When so many govt organizations have been able to go online, I wonder why the EPFO alone cant do years after the plan had been announced. I think they deliberately want to keep people in the dark about their own money :-(

  • Sanket

    der is no Mumbai in select office option?

  • vipul saxena

    Sir i want to know the my pf status plz provide me the proper path

  • vedprakash upadhyay

    i am in very troble bcoz my pf amnt is not deposit since last one year. Plz do some thing?????????????

  • Kiran Shenoy B B

    I have applied for PF in the month of January. Till now I didn’t get the status of that.. Please check the same and let me know…


    submited the PF application form in my company-fullertonindia credit companl ltd. but still now iam not reaceving any kind of PF status.

  • Vijesh

    the link is not working properly

  • Sathya

    Can any1 tel me what is Establishment code?

  • Sathya

    Savitha, the web address you gave was useful, but can anyone tel me what is Employee PF account number. I don’t think its our PF number, bcoz it asks for 7 digits code, 3 digits code and again 7 digits code.

  • Inam-ull-hak.C.M

    I submited the PF application form on 25/JAN/2010, but still now iam not reaceving any kind of PF status its already two months iam visiting the Bangalore Richmond PF office four tims but they are not given the PF status in writing form, i request you please give me the PF status.

    Thank you.

  • Kirtee Sundar Bhoi

    Can anyone tell me the latest link to check the PF withdrawal status online, as the link which is given by some of our friends above is not at all opening.

  • Ranjit Kumar Ghosh

    Dear sir,
    I want to know the latest pension plans of EPF Holders.
    please send quickly.

    Ranjit Kumar Ghosh

  • Mit

    You can check excellent article which would help to know your PF withdrawal status

  • Savitha

    This link is updated. THe new link now is

  • Saurabh

    I had my PF account in Bangalore. Now i m working in Mumbai. So i submitted a request with bangalore company for PF transfer. After fillin in required form, my earlier company sent me an acknowledgement copy as proof of submission to EPF Office. now when i check the status online, it shows “Returned Your claim is returned on 24/12/2010. Kindly provide the details asked For .” What does this mean? The earlier company has shrugged off, saying there responsibility is done! Kindly guide on what action should i take. It has been almost 6 months now.

  • Sandeep Mohil

    It’s useless . They stopped updating data .
    Last update was done on 25/11/2010 .

    Someone with the authority should poke them in the eye. :)

  • Raj kumar

    When pf cleared

  • Shafique


    Stop posting your PF Acc # here.. Its pointless.. No one is going to help you out.. Best you call your Employeer / Local PF Office Guys to check.. I dont know on the earth you guys have enough time to search blogs and to post, But no time to call/meet the right persons.

    Thanks !!

  • Radhe

    Sab boss befkuf banane ki dukan hai.. aa gaya to 1 month main aa jata hai warna only 10% chance hote hai..milne ke

  • Amit

    i am shocked to see how so many employed people have gone stupid :(

  • Sripal Singh

    Dear Sir

    Ple update pf status

  • speedball

    weird…my employee number is alpha-numeric…but the website accepts numeric employee numbers only…any one else facing the issue?

  • Manohar Singh Galley

    How should i track my PF withdrawal status,pls suggest

  • Sonia

    i have deposited PF withdrawal filled forms at my office on 09.12.2010 but till i have reply from any side and stil not receive any status how can i get my PF status. Company name is Gobindas pvt.Ltd(45802) and my PF no is 0049 now it is displaying “your claim is not received by this office”


    sir, i am pf claimed before 2 manth Please send my cuurent status.

  • T.Jeyabalan

    When pf cleared

  • T.Jeyabalan

    i have deposited PF withdrawal filled forms at my office on 07.12.2010 but till i have reply from any side and stil not receive any status how can i get my PF status. Company name is IVRCL I & P .Ltd now it is displaying “your claim is not received by this office”

    i submited 03 months back


    In want my pf money.I worked in M/S Gannan Dunkerly &co. LTD.Ileavedon 21/07/09.