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Pay Your Electricity Bills Online – Chennai EB Launches Online Bill Payment System

A great new year gift for residents of Chennai, as there is no need to stand in a long queues for paying the power bills.The ‘Q’ is almost dead now with the launch of first ever electric bill online service in the state.

Electric Blub credit:storybook

Currently it allows customers of Indian Bank, ICICI and Axis bank for paying the bills by using this service.Both debit and credit cards can be used for the payment.

The state government is also planning to extend this online payment facility to other parts of the state also.Through this service we need to pay on or before the last payment date,after that it won’t accept the payment even with the late fees option.

One more facility is also provided by the government to pay the bills called Any Time Payment(ATP) Machines.They have been installed in most of the regions in the city to pay current consumption charged through cash/cheque/DD.

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