Download Yahoo Messenger 9 Offline Installer From Yahoo Servers

yahoo_messenger In continuation to the series of articles I’m writing to download offline installers of daily used products, I’m glad to pick up one of most popular Instant Messengers – Yahoo Messenger. Sometime early last year I wrote about downloading offline installers of Yahoo Messenger 8 and very few people are still using that version. The current version of Yahoo Messenger is 9 and its an eye candy with very rich features.

In this post I don’t want to explain what are online, offline installers and their advantages. I believe you are already aware of them and that is why you are here for an offline installer. Here is the link of Yahoo servers from where you can download the offline installer of Yahoo Messenger 9.0

Download Offline Installer of Yahoo Messenger 9.0 (size: ~ 14 MB)

Happy Chatting!!

20 thoughts on “Download Yahoo Messenger 9 Offline Installer From Yahoo Servers”

  1. can u help me, iam not able to download yahoo messenger 10 it is showing that incorrect command line parameter, eeven i have tired for yahoo messenger 9 same thing it is showing.. is there any way to download yahoo messenger..

  2. Hi Gopinath,
    Can you offer me some assistance? I have tried to download yahoo messenger 10 but for soem reason a programme keeps preventing it from downloading. When i go back to my usual messenger i now get a message saying ‘messenger has not initialzed – please click cancel’ Can you help?

  3. i cant use my yahoo mail it can online but u cant see the msg tool box u can not use it for chatting i even down load yahoo version 8 can u pls help me

  4. Specifically, which version and country are you trying to d/l, Ana?
    Also – give us the URL you are trying.
    Are you trying to d/l it at work (on the company network) ?
    We can help, if we have more information.
    – Dave

  5. what would be the username and password to download? i tried a lot but still cant figure out the username and all to download. what exactly i need to enter?

    1. ana,
      there is no need of any user name and password to download the installers. I’m surprised that you are asked for an username & password!!

  6. My pleasure Gonipath
    I just hope it actually helps someone – lol

    I want to mention that I have tried some of the foriegn downloads
    after posting the above. A few countries no longer have the version 8’s available, and it seems that older versions are now limited to and the latest 9 version – only a few months ago, I was able to use these links to acquire different versions for different countries

  7. dedndave,
    Your knowledge is highly appreciated. The depth of information you have on certain topics is remarkable.

    Thank you very much for providing so much useful information to our users.

  8. Current Yahoo! two-letter country codes:
    (note: there are Yahoo! country codes for other countries, only the ones with specific versions of Messenger are listed)

    ar Argentina
    au Australia
    br Brazil
    ca Canada (English)
    cf Canada (French)
    cl Chile
    cn China
    co Columbia
    fr France
    de Germany
    hk Hong Kong
    in India (English)
    hi India (Hindi)
    id Indonesia
    it Italy
    kr Korea
    my Malaysia
    mx Mexico
    pe Peru
    ph Philippines
    sg Singapore
    es Spain
    e1 Spanish (North American, i.e. Cuba, Puerto Rico)
    th Thailand
    tw Tiawan
    uk United Kingdom – Ireland
    us United States
    ve Venezuela
    vn Viet Nam

  9. All of these URL’s start with
    http://download yimg com (add the periods)

    this URL downloads a specific version 8

    this URL downloads the last version 8

    this URL downloads a specific version 9

    this URL downloads the latest version 9

  10. Many versions are available from Yahoo!, and for many countries. You can still acquire version 8 for most country codes, as well as all the older version 9’s. Below, I have listed the examples for Argentina. In each URL, you will find the country code for Argentina (ar) listed twice. To download the file for a different country, just change the “ar” in those two places to the appropriate Yahoo! country code.

  11. Hi Bahooji,

    Yahoo! may have certain IP’s blocked from certain files. In some cases, Yahoo! has agreements with foriegn governements that allow them to advertise, so long as they follow specific guidelines. In some countries, for example, Yahoo! is not permitted to provide voice chat capabilities. In such a case, Yahoo! may block IP’s from that country from access to files that provide voice chat.

    If you feel that is the case, you may try accessing the file through a proxy server from the US. If you are able to read English well enough, you may want to simply download the desired US version from FileHippo. It is notable that the YahooMessenger.exe file, itself, is the same for all countries (except China). Many of the other files are different, most notably the res_msgr.dll file that contains the menu text (as well as restrictions to menus) and the intl.reg file that contains registry entries for additional Windows User Accounts. With some tinkering, some foriegn users who want to access restricted features have modified their installations by altering these files.

    The most restrictive country is China. Yahoo! must follow very strict guidelines to comply with their agreement with the Chinese government. As such, users in China do not really get a version 9, as we know it. Many Chinese users download the Tiawan, Singapore, Hong Kong or Malaysian versions in order to access the newer features.

  12. Bahooji,
    Not sure what problem you are facing. I test the above link now and it’s working perfectly.

    Please provide more details on the problem so that we can try to help you.

  13. I tried a lot but could not be able to get proper side but even then i convey thanks which is proper and polite ways of manners

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