Stay Connected To Your Facebook Friends Wherever You Are

Good news for all the Facebook and iPhone users. If you are a Facebook user and own an iPhone, it’s time for you to rejoice as Facebook allows you to stay in touch with your friends through your iPhone from wherever you are.



Facebook has announced Facebook connect which enables all the iPhone users to connect to their Facebook friends, chat ,play games and share their ideas about anything from the place where you are right now.

The user interface for Facebook connect in iPhone is very similar to the Facebook connect on the web. It can be accessed from your iPhone in the same way as how it is being accessed through website. To use the Facebook connect on your iPhone, Just download any application that features Facebook connect and log in using your Facebook account details. That’s it. Now you can see your Facebook friends and your profile visits with all the privacy settings intact through your iPhone.

It was announced that there would be many application upcoming in near future and they can be seen in the apple store very soon. It was also said that in addition to all the benefits that the iPhone users are enjoying today, they can also enjoy few more benefits that are in Facebook today along with the Facebook connect.

Adding to this great news, CEO of Limbo, one of the largest social network in United States, announced that all the Facebook users can now access Limbo even without having an account in Limbo and they can see all their Facebook friends even if they don’t have Limbo account and access every feature of Facebook from Limbo. This is the second great news for all the Limbo users as well as the Facebook users.

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