40 New Fonts Introduced in Windows 7

Microsoft’s Windows 7 features 40 new fonts that extend the language and script support offered by Windows. The new fonts are developed to enhance Windows running on various languages as well as online user’s web experience.

Out of the 40 new fonts of Windows 7 only 3 of them are English fonts and the rest of them are to enhance Indian languages (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, etc ) and other foreign languages. 

Gabriola, Segoe UI Light and Segoe UI Semibold are the three new English fonts and here are the pictures of them:



Segoe UI Light

Segoe UI Light font

Segoe UI Semibold

Segoe UI Semibold fontAll the three fonts looks stunning and Gabriola is my favorite. To see all the new 40 new fonts check the page: Windows 7 40 New Fonts

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