9 Amazing Microsoft PhotoSynth Views You Shouldn’t Miss

Microsoft PhotoSynth Microsoft PhotoSynth is an excellent new application that lets you to transform digital pictures in to 3D for 360-degree viewing experience.

Few days ago the product is released out of beta and made available to everyone for uploading the pictures to Microsoft servers to view them in 3D Magic.

Since the Microsoft opened the doors for public, hundreds of PhotoSynths are created by enthusiasts and they are available online for everyone. We spent sometime to browse through the gallery and hand picked the top 9 PhotoSynths that are worth checking.

Note: You need to install Microsoft PhotoSynth plugin to view the PhotoSynths. If you are reading this article in a rss feed reader or EMail, please click here to view the PhotoSynths

1. Taj Mahal

The speculator PhotoSynth view of Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the world, is created by National Geographic Photographers with 176 photos. In this PhotoSynth you can walk through the front view of Taj Mahal and explore its beauty.

2. Sphinx and Pyramids

Sphinx, a 65 foot tall statue of a lion’s body with a man’s face,� �  sits very near to the Great Egypt Pyramids. This another PhotoSynth created by National Geographic Channel photographers with the help of 239 photos.

3. Temple of Heaven, China

Olympics are just over but still China is in the mind of every sports fan. This PhotoSynth showcases Temple of Heaven, China with 203 photos to give you an incredible detail on the temple.

4. Space Shuttle

A NASA Space Shuttle view over the sky is created with 246 photos by Jonathan

5. Art Gallery

If you love paintings then you love to see each and every frame of this PhotoSynth – a 213 original paintings by artist Ian Boyden and poet Sam Hamill.

6. Eton College, UK

Picture of The Long Walk, the space in front of the main school office at the centre of Eton College. This synth shows the area around these two landmarks including the front of two boarding houses, School Hall and the School Library.

7. Red Ferrari 575

A treat for the eyes of car lovers

8. The Grand Canal, Venice- 243 Photos by David

9. ‘>Halo 3 – 273 Photos by AlexOpposite

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