Bomb Proof Your PC From Kids, Friends With Windows 7 Guest Mode Accounts

Windows_7_Logo Microsoft’s Windows 7 is winning back the hearts of PC users  by providing the features that are really useful. One of such very useful feature introduced in Windows 7 is the Guest Mode user accounts.

Guest Mode user accounts allows you to bomb proof you lovable PC from kids, friends or anyone else with whom you share the PC. When anyone access PC with Guest Mode account, Windows 7 takes a snapshot of the PC settings before users logs in and restores them automatically once the user logoff the account – it wipes off all the files downloaded in the session, restores if any of the system settings are changed.

To understand more specific details of Guest Mode, let me give you more details about Guest Mode

  • Prevents system setting changes. Any attempts to change the system while running under a safeguarded account are prevented.
  • Prevents the installation of applications and other software. Once you’ve enabled Guest Mode, it is impossible to install or permanently configure already installed software applications.
  • Prevents the user from writing to the disk outside of their user profile.
  • Data saved inside of the user profile is deleted when the user logs off.

There is no doubt that this is going to be one of the best features introduced in Windows 7. Especially the administrations who manages PC at public places like libraries, schools, universities, coffee shops and internet browsing centers are going to love this.

You can read screenshot walk through of Lifehacker or detailed analysis of Paul Thurrott to learn more and create Guest Mode accounts of Windows 7.

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