How To Get GMail Undo Send Like Feature In Microsoft Outlook

outlook_Logo GMail labs has introduced undo send that allows you to recall a mail after hitting the send button – if you use it with in 5 seconds. It is a very cool feature to correct the mistakes in mails if we realize that something we shouldn’t have sent.

This feature is available in Microsoft’s Outlook for years and also you get more options to choose while configuring undo send. Read our archive article Microsoft Outlook Tip – How To Stop Sending Incomplete Emails And Save Embarrassment for step by step instructions.

2 thoughts on “How To Get GMail Undo Send Like Feature In Microsoft Outlook”

  1. It’s not THAT useful since Gmail only gives you a 5 sec allowance to change your mind. So this is just for people who are to stupid to rethink before sending mails. It might also work for those who have forgotten to include an attachment. If they’re quick enough to realize it that is.

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