Deploy code to Windows Azure from Dropbox

There is a lot of innovation happening at Windows Azure team these days under the leadership of ScottGu. The recent updates to Windows Azure published couple of days ago allows us to deploy code to Windows Azure websites straight from Dropbox. It’s very easy and simple to use. Authorize Windows Azure account to talk to Dropbox and whenever you want to deploy latest code from Dropbox just click it button. Boom! The latest code from Dropbox will be automatically deployed on Windows Azure. Everything works like magic.

Wow, isn’t this a cool feature for those who don’t want to maintain their version control systems like Git, Svn or TFS? This is a big deal to many developers who maintain their personal websites source code on Dropbox. Wondering why developers maintain their source code in Dropbox? It’s easy to use Dropbox(zero learning curve) and setting up a source control systems demands lot of administrative activities as well as money for hosting them. Here is a quick walk through of deploying code to Windows Azure from Dropbox.

Though I’m not going to user this feature for deploying code of my website (I’ve a personal SVN server hosted), I’m going to recommend to all my friends who maintain their source code on Dropbox.  For more details read the detailed post on ScottGu’s blog.

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