Disqus ads are disqusting and here is how you turn them off

After couple of months I spent sometime yesterday reviewing my blog and coziie.com to see if everything is fine. Disqus, the best commenting system and an unusual suspect was looking weird. Commenting sections of my sites are displayed links of third party sites which I was not aware of. The content is annoying to me and I believe my site users are also annoyed. I don’t remember configuring something in disqus to display ads or earn money by promoting other’s content. Why on earth I would like to shows content of someone else’s website right inside comments section and annoy readers? Here is a screen grab of comment section that shows ads.



It turns to be disqus automatically enabled a feature called as “Discovery” to all publishers who upgraded the commenting system to the latest release. I remember upgrading commenting system to the latest release couple of months ago but I don’t remember specifically allowing disqus to spam my comment section!! I’m extremely unhappy with the way disqus automatically enabled spamming comment sections in the name of so called new features that benefits bloggers.

How to turn of Discovery or Ads in Disqus

I turned them off as soon as I noticed them and it’s very easy to do that. Here are the steps to be followed to turn off ads in comments

  1. Login in to disqus
  2. Switch to Settings tab
  3. Click on Discovery tab
  4. Choose the option Just comments
  5. Save the settings. 


Though it’s easy to turn off the ads, it would have been nice if disqus did not enable them by default. Hey guys at disqus, you lost my trust and from now onwards I’ll double check before opting in to any new features.

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