How To Delete A Folder From Windows Live Mesh Desktop

Microsoft Live Mesh IconCouple of days ago I got access to the CTP of Windows Live Mesh. Based on the few days of my experience of using Live Mesh, I’m very happy about the product. As a CTP(beta) version, Live Mesh is delivering what it is supposed to do with very few glitches now and then.

The installation of the product is very quick and adding a device is straight forward. On the day 1 I got access to the service, I added my personal laptop to the Mesh and synchronized it. Today I added my second laptop to Live Mesh. The option for adding a second device to the Mesh is also pretty easy. While adding the second laptop to the Mesh, by mistake I created a duplicate folder in  Mesh Desktop. The folder Photos is added twice to the Mesh and I surprised to see that the service allows us to create multiple folders with the same name!

Duplicate Folders In Windows Live Mesh

Looks like it a bug in Live Mesh that is allowing duplicate folders and hope that Microsoft is going to fix it in the coming releases.

After giving you the details of the background of the problem let me tell you what was the problem. I wanted to delete the folder Photos from Live Mesh Desktop so that I can get rid of the duplicate folder created by mistake.

I looked around for the option on the Live Mesh Desktop service and could not find any options. No main menu options, no context menu options or other hints in the user interface for deleting a folder. After going to through the documentation of the product, I understood that pressing DELETE key on the keyboard does the job. Even though delete key is a very straight forward option for deleting a folder, it would have been helpful if Live Mesh Service provides some information on the screen or a context menu option.

Deleting a Live Mesh Desktop Folder

As the product is in CTP, we cant complain much. Lets hope all this type of issues are going to resolved by when the product leave the CTP tag.

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