How To Get Windows 7 Beta Product Key & ISO (At last It’s Working)

Windows_7_LogoThe long wait to get access to Windows 7 Beta is over. I managed to get Windows 7 beta product key and initiated the download of 2.5 GB ISO image of 32 bit Windows 7 beta. Here's what you have to do.

Get Product Activation Key

Step 1: Point your browser to website

Step 2: Sign in to technet by clicking the Sign In  link available on the top right corner

Step 3: Copy one of the following links to the address bar and press enter. Please don't click on the links below, copy & paste them.

    Get Product Activation key for 32 bit version (Don't Click. Copy and Paste) How to win back your ex

=”″>Get Product Activation key for 64 bit version (Don't Click. Copy and Paste)


    If you receive any error,  press CTRL+ F5 (non-cache reload) to refresh the page. Keep refreshing with CTRL + F5 till you get activation key. I was lucky to get the key on the first attempt itself.

    Direct Links To Download The Beta

    Forget all those Microsoft Windows 7 web site links and technet site links to download the beta. Here are the direct links to download the beta

    • Download the Windows 7 Beta 32-bit version
    • Download the Windows 7 Beta 64-bit version

    3 thoughts on “How To Get Windows 7 Beta Product Key & ISO (At last It’s Working)”

    1. Oh shut up, it is a BETA product. Microsoft is doing you a favor by making it publicly available and hosting it on their site. If you don’t like it, don’t download it, it’s that simple. Wait for an official release and leave the testing to REAL IT professionals and entrepreneurs such as myself.

    2. These Microsoft b**** are using the people as GUINEA PIGS to test-ride their stupid Beta OS before they officially release it to the Marketing network. Just in case something goes wrong whilst in the midst of testing out the OS then poor souls are completely bazooka-red !!!!!!!!!!!!

      They are such a MENACE Microsoft.

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