Gog.is – A Perfect URL Shortening Service For Google Search Queries

Google Logo Do you often share Google Search URLs through mail/chat/SMS/twitter messages with your friends? Then you should check this brilliant web app called – Gog.is.

With Gog.is, you can instantly create a short URL of any Google Search query. For example if you want to share a Google Search URL that return information about Windows 7 Beta Download, just share the URL gog.is/Download+Windows+7+Beta with your friend. When your friend clicks the URL, they will be automatically redirected to the Google Search results page http://www.google.com/search?q=Download+Windows+7+Beta+.

Here are few other sample short gog.is search queries

Why Gog.is Is Better Than TinyURL.com?

If you are already using any of the http://goexback.com/ How to win back your ex

rg/cool-stuff/cool-web-sites/2-popular-services-to-shorten-lengthy-urls/22-20080702″>popular URL shortening service like tinyurl.com, you may wonder why don't we use tinyurl.com instead of using Gog.is? There are couple of reason why Gog.is is better than other URL shortening service

1. Unambiguous – The URLs of gog.is are very unambiguous when compared to tinurl.com URLs http://tinyurl.com/5waply.  So before clicking on the gog.is URLs you don't need to use any service to make sure that you are not going to land on an uncomfortable web page.

2. Very Easy To Create – How do you create short URLs with tinyurl.com?  You may visit the web site tinyurl.com or use a Firefox plugin or download & use a third party application to create a short url. But creating gog.is short urls is very easy. You just need to type the search query in the format gog.is/. So you don't need to visit any web site or download any plugin or app. That's very cool isn't it?

Does Gog.is Supports Google Search Operators?

Yes. Gog.is supports all the operators such as site:, link:, info:, cache:, define:, etc. You can share URLs like  gog.is/site:techdreams.org.

So this is a perfect URL shortening service for Google Search queries. What do you say?

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