How To View PowerPoint 2010 Files Without Having MS Office 2010

For those who want to view PowerPoint 2010 files without installing Microsoft Office 2010, here is a free app : PowerPoint 2010 Viewer from Microsoft.

PowerPoint Viewer 2010 is an upgrade of PowerPoint Viewer 2007 application with support to view all types of PowerPoint files created using MS Office 2010.

As the public release of MS Office 2010 is just few weeks away, PowerPoint Viewer 2010 is a handy app to install as one your managers/colleagues/friends may send a PPT created using Office 2010.

Another Office Viewer app that is useful for most of us is: Word 2010 Viewer. I Googled to figure out the links to download it, but seems to be Microsoft hasn’t’ released it(beware of the many fake downloads in the disguise of Word 2010 viewer). If any of you find links to download official Word 2010 viewer, let us hear.

Download PowerPoint 2010 Viewer [via DI]

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