It’s Official : Windows 7 RC Public Release On May 5th

No more rumors and guesses on the release date of Windows 7 RC to the public. It’s official now that RC will be available to everyone to download on May 5th. Will Microsoft be able to avoid server crashes and facilitate smooth downloading of RC? We have to wait and see.


Even though RC is leaked couple of days ago and available to download from torrents, I’m waiting for the official release from Microsoft to be on safer side.

Microsoft requested all the beta testers of Windows 7 to downgrade Windows 7 beta to Vista and then install Windows 7 RC as this process helps Microsoft to identify the bugs(if any). But I’m planning to upgrade my Windows 7 Beta to Windows 7 RC directly as I don’t want to loose all the configurations & installations.

Are you wondering how is the image embedded in the post is related to Windows 7? The picture is part of Windows 7 RC wallpapers and you can download them from here

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