Microsoft launches IE9 preview – No support for XP

IE9Microsoft launched the developer preview version of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) at MIX 10 web conference yesterday.This release is aimed getting the feedback from website designers , developers and other community to make IE9 development better from its previous versions.

Microsoft will update the developer preview every eight weeks and the next update is expected on mid of march.So what is new and interesting  about IE9


Chakra (The new scripting engine of IE9) renders the Java script much faster compared to IE8 and other browsers thus improving the performance significantly.According to Microsoft Chakra renders the java script in background with a separate thread parallel to the main engine which is complete new way of rendering from the current browser technologies


Microsoft is desperate to make ( surprisingly!!!) IE9 compliance to  web standards by supporting the open standards such as

  • Accelerated support for HTML5 video
  • support for new web technologies such as CSS3 and SVG2.

ACID3 Test

IE9 scores (55/100) in its latest ACID3 test which is much better compared to the IE8 score (22/100) but not even  nearer to their rivals Chrome, Opera, and Safari which scores 100/100 in ACID3 testing

I am little disappointed over not able to download the  developer preview on my XP machine. The early comments looks much positive for IE9.If you want to explore IE9,check the Microsoft Test drive site  at Microsoft IE9 Test-drive


You can also download the IE9 developer preview at Download Preview

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