Sputnik – Google’s Java script conformance tester now as website

sputnik-128Sputnik the JavaScript 3 conformance test suite launched by Google last year is now available as Google Labs (Sputnik Test)product. You can browse it like any other  website and run over 5000 java script function tests to check your browser compatibility

This product allows you do the following options

Run : 

You can run the complete test suite on your browser to check the compliance to  ECMA-262 standards.You can also browse trough  the failed test case.

Compare :

You can compare java script conformance of the various leading browsers in the market.

Now web developers can be more cautious while designing websites to make them compatible with multiple browsers. Google is committed to review and release multiple version periodically with updated test cases.

According to the latest sputnik test  result released by Google, Opera 10.5 leads the race with only 78 failures. Microsoft IE 8 performed the worst (463 failures) . Next to Opera,  Apple’s Safari (159 failures), Google’s Chrome (218 failures) and Mozilla’s Firefox (259 failures) leads respectively


Though the test are about conformance, not performance, the top 3 leading browsers are among the last three in conformance which is something they have to improve

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