Microsoft Office 2010 Web Applications

Office_2010_logoOne of the coolest improvements in Microsoft Office 2010 is the introduction of Web Applications. Office Web Applications are browser based free online applications that include Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and Word.

Even though the online office application market is dominated by the existing players like ZOHO and Google Docs, Microsoft is going to quickly gain large number of customers as Office Web Applications seamlessly integrate with Office 2010 desktop applications.

Microsoft Office Web Applications are not open to public and they are expected to be available in couple of months time. Microsoft said at launch the Office Web Applications will be available to half a billion customers that include: 400 million Windows Live users and 90 million annuity customers will have access to on-premise deployments.

Here are the few screenshots of Office Applications running on Internet Explorer as well as Firefox browser:

Office Web Applications – Excel


Office Web Applications – Excel (In Firefox!)


Office Web Applications – OneNote



Office Web Applications – PowerPoint



Office Web Applications – Word


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