Screenshot Tour: Microsoft Office 2010 Installation And First Look At Applications

Office_2010_logo Today I got a chance to install and play a while with the Technical Preview of Microsoft Office 2010. I spent only couple of hours with the new Office suite and the first impression of the product is very good. The user interface looks more clean and spacious, now we can perform many of tasks with just a couple of clicks.

Here are the screen grabs of installation process of Office 2010 along with the splash screens and start pages of various Office products. Click on the screenshots for larger view

Microsoft Office 2010 Installation Screen Shorts







Splash Screens and Start Pages Of Various Office 2010 Products

Access 2010

office_2010_screenshot_tour_access_splash office_2010_screenshot_tour_access_start_page

Excel 2010

office_2010_screenshot_tour_excel_splash office_2010_screenshot_tour_excel_start_page

OneNote 2010



Outlook 2010

office_2010_screenshot_tour_Outlook_splash office_2010_screenshot_tour_outlook_start_page

PowerPoint 2010

office_2010_screenshot_tour_powerpoint_splash office_2010_screenshot_tour_powerpoint_start_page

Publisher 2010

office_2010_screenshot_tour_publisher_splash office_2010_screenshot_tour_publisher_start_page

Word 2010

office_2010_screenshot_tour_word_splash office_2010_screenshot_tour_word_start_page

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  1. Windy Millers Hardware & Software News

    That sure does look pretty. Let’s hope the new functionality lives up to the image…

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