Microsoft Supports Direct Downgrading Of Windows 7 to Windows XP

windows7Microsoft recently released its latest OS version Windows 7 and there are numerous positive feedbacks about the new operating systems. Now adding to the new OS, Microsoft also provides an option for all its windows 7 customers to downgrade to either Windows Vista or directly to Windows XP.

Microsoft announced that it’s going to cease the support that it was extending for Windows XP in June 2008 with the release of its next OS version, Windows Vista. But due to the success hit that XP is still exercising and as most of the customers prefer XP over Vista, Microsoft is still continuing its support for XP. Now adding to the support, Microsoft also allows its customers to downgrade their OS from Vista to XP. And now the good news is that the service of downgrading to XP is going be extended to even Windows 7 releases. It means that a windows 7 customer has both the options of downgrading to Vista as well as Windows XP.

Though the news was not officially announced, the crux got leaked by a fellow person in HP. Following this, the news is confirmed by a Microsoft Spokesperson.Also he reported that Microsoft still holds their plan of terminating windows XP support by June 2010 and the downgrade option from Windows 7 professional to Windows XP professional will be available till 30th April 2010.

Though Microsoft keeps speaking about its plan to cease Windows XP support, the OS has always been the best and mind blowing one for most of the geeks. Still there are so many of us, who never wanted to come out Windows XP, even after Microsoft releasing its next OS versions, Vista and Windows 7.

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