Pirated Copy Of Windows XP Automatically Changes Desktop Background To Black Image

Microsoft has updated Windows XP’s Windows Genuine Advantage(WGA) system that detects the pirated XP copies and annoys users. The WGA system automatically changes the background wallpaper of the desktop to plain black colour when it detects a pirated copy.

Persistent Desktop Notification - Translucent 

User will be able to reset the black desktop wallpaper with anything else in the usual ways, but every 60 minutes it changes back to plain back background.

This is definitely going to annoy the pirated Windows XP users who has not cracked the WGA system on their PC. Looking for a crack of the latest WGA? Read this post by Raymond CC

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7 thoughts on “Pirated Copy Of Windows XP Automatically Changes Desktop Background To Black Image”

  1. All the people who really appropriate the genuine software should get known that “MICROSOFT IS GOING TO RULE THE BUSINESS WORLD” & the bloody Americans going to achieve their sole motto.

    So Are You helping them to Succeed .???

  2. it’s a lovely day when 3rd party developers and privateer’s fix the inherent bugs with an OS, along with making it more secure , frankly it run’s better pirated than it does genuine :( sadly microshaft no longer has a R&D department anymore just an anti-piracy group of servers

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  4. I love that people think it is spyware. I’ve already had about 4 phone calls this morning from people. “Hey, my background keeps changing, I think I have a virus.” Nice one.

  5. That is a nice move by Windows developers. I am sure that it is always best to upgrade to clean copy of windows to get all updates.

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