Video: Microsoft’s Vision Of Every Day Technology By 2019 – Awesome Imagination

Whether you are a Microsoft techie or an Apple fanboy, it does not matter. You must watch this video released by Microsoft, envisioning the technology we use everyday by the year 2019.
After watching the video, I was speechless. The imaginative power of Microsoft researchers is brilliant. It's awesome. Have a look at the video

What do you think? Isn't the Microsoft planning to regain its lost empire?

5 thoughts on “Video: Microsoft’s Vision Of Every Day Technology By 2019 – Awesome Imagination”

  1. That’s brilliant! It’s true that if Microsoft provide this type of tech then they would be leaders, however consider others as well like Google, Yahoo & many more………….

    1. Yes. It is very certain that Microsoft is not only the player who is thinking big about next generation. We have to wait and see what will be plans of The Big Brother of Web, Google.

      Anyways, Glad to see Microsoft being first in the race of dreaming about next generation technology.

  2. If Microsoft succeeds in playing a big role in providing the demonstrated technology to us, there is no doubt that they will be become industry leaders.

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