Moderate Your WordPress Blog Comments Using Keyboard Shortcuts

wordpress_logo As we all know moderating the blog comments is all always a time consuming job, and that's the reason WordPress team has come up with very useful feature with its latest version 2.7.This new feature gives us the ability to browse and moderate the comments using keyboard shortcuts very quickly and easily.

How To Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

By default, this feature is disabled and need to enabled it on a per-user basis.

Follow These Simple Steps:

Step 1: Go to Admin Panel and Select Users>Your Profile Panel.

Step 2:Check the Keyboard Shortcuts checkbox to enable keyboard shortcuts.

How To Perform Actions

Initially none of the comment are selected in the comments panel.You need to use the following keys to select the comments and navigate.

  • j – move to next comment
  • k- move to previous comment.

Once you are able to select any comment use these shortcuts to perform your actions:

  • a – approves the selected comment
  • s – marks to spam the selected comment
  • d – deletes the selected comment

Bulk Actions

Before performing any bulk action you need to select the comments using the shortcut key x and shift-x is for selecting all comments.After selecting the comments:

  • Shift-a – approves the checked comments.
  • Shift-s – marks the checked comments as spam.
  • Shift-d – deletes the checked comments.
  • Shift-u – unapproves the checked comments.

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