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Windows 7 Price To Start From $199?[Rumors]

Windows_7_Logo I love to read and blog as much as possible about Windows 7. Today I read a rumor on Ars Techncia that says Windows 7 pricing is going to start from $199 and grow from there

  • Windows 7 Starter: $199
  • Windows 7 Home Premium: $259
  • Windows 7 Professional: $299
  • Windows 7 Ultimate: $319

The rumored price of Windows 7 exactly same as the price of Windows Vista available in the market


As Windows 7 Starter is going to be available through the OEM(original equipment manufactures) only, we have to shell out at least $259 to get a copy of Windows 7. Even though clean install copy of Windows 7 is looking expensive, I’m expecting for a cheap upgrade options from my current Windows Vista to Windows 7.