How To Restore Run Command In Windows 7

Run command is one of the most used utilities by geeks to quickly launch applications using commands. In Windows 7, the Run Command is replaced with a renewed Windows 7 Search Bar.


Windows 7 Search Bar is an awesome utility, it acts as an alternative to Run Command as well as a universal search box that lets you search many things like programs, documents, files, folders, etc.

However if you are missing the good old Run Command option in Star menu of Windows 7, you can restore it easily. All you need to do to restore it is select the option “Run Command” in “Customize Start Menu” window. Detailed steps are below.


To add run command to the start menu:

  1. Right click on Start menu and select Properties
  2. Switch to Start Menu tab and click on Customize…; Opens Customize Start Menu window.
  3. Scroll down a bit till you find the option Run Command and select it by ticking the check box.
  4. That’s all. Now you will find the option Run… in Windows 7 start menu.

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