Windows 7 Tips & Tricks You May Like To Know

Windows 7 operating system is out there in shops for the past 24 hours and many sellers are reporting huge rush of customers. I’m using Windows 7 since the release of beta version and this the best Windows OS that I ever used. Here are the few tips that I learnt while using it

  • Setting Bing Pictures As Wallpapers is very easy and it take only couple of minutes to light up your desktop .
  • Creating new folder with the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + N in explorer is my favorite out of many new shortcuts introduced in Windows 7
  • You can snap any window to half screen size by press win + left or win + right.
  • Maximize any window vertically by moving the cursor to the top of the window until the pointer changes to resize icon, then just double click.
  • You can rearrange system tray icons by dragging them around as you like
  • You can launch applications pinned to taskbar using the shortcuts Win + 1, Win + 2, etc
  • Want to minimize all the opened applications other than the one you are working it? Just hold it on the title bar and shake it, the rest of them will minimize automatically.

There are very tips that i use often on day to day basis. For further reading I recommend these fantastic articles:

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