How to enable Start Button in Windows 8?

Microsoft taken a bold move in removing Start button in Windows 8 operating system and replacing it with Metro styled Start screen. Since the early days of Microsoft Windows, all the PC users are used to Start button and missing it all of sudden in Windows 8 may disappointed many. If you are one among the users who is disappointed with missing Windows 8 button, here is a quick way to enable it back


To restore Start menu in Windows 8 all you have to do is to download and install ViStart application. This freeware application magically brings back the missing Start orbit and also when you press Windows Key, it opens up the Start menu instead of switching to Windows 8 Start Screen.

Note: While installation the application may ask you to install toolbars and third party application, I suggest you to uncheck them as they may change your search settings and default browser.  They may not be harmful but effects your browsing experience.

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