All about Vista Service Pack 2

sp2Windows Vista service pack 2 is available for public download via Microsoft website. Lets take a moment now to know whats inside before you decide to download and install this update. 

You will find in this article; information about prerequisites, different ways to install the service pack, do’s and dont’s and what you will get if you install  service pack 2?. To start with, Service Pack 2 is a good service pack to download as it has got many useful updates that will improve the system stability.

What you need to know ?

This service pack currently is released only in English, German, Spanish, French, and Japanese language. Other will follow soon.

You must have Windows Vista Service Pack 1 installed on your PC before you can install Service pack 2.

It is said to have support for new emerging hardware and standards.

Notable additions to service pack 2 are

  1. Windows Search 4.0
  2. Bluetooth 2.1 support pack
  3. Vista can record on to Blu-Ray disk with Windows Vista bulit in software[No need for other software]
  4. Windows Connect Now (WCN) [Wi-Fi Configuration made easy]

What you need to do ?

You can download the service pack for a 32 bit PC or for a 64 bit PC

You can also to download it as an ISO file and burn it to a DVD and then install the same.

There is an option to install this service pack Via Windows Update [This requires you to install Service Pack Update KB955430]. This could sound a good idea because service packs downloaded Via Windows update “generally only”  installs the most important updates required and not all.

If dont have Automatic updates then turned on then:

To do change the automatic update settings

  1. Open Windows Update (click the Start  button, click All Programs, and then click Windows Update).
  2. Select Change Settings and choose how you want Windows to install updates.

Do’s list before installing the service pack

  1. Back up your important files
  2. Update any device drivers as necessary.
  3. Close all open programs. [Note: If you have an antivirus program running, this might slow the installation, as antivirus scans each file that is part of the installation]

Dont’s list when the service pack is getting updated

  1. Make sure you computer does is not turned off when the installations is running.
  2. The computer might restart several times during the installation. Let it do so.

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