Customize Windows 7/Vista/XP Logon Screen Background Using LogonStudio [Freeware]

Are you bored with the default logon screen of your Windows XP/Vista/7? Here is a simple and useful free utility to changes logon screen – LogonStudio. With LogonStudio, changing logon background screen is as simple as changing your desktop wallpaper.


LogonStudio has a beautiful collection of background images to spice up your logon screen. If you don’t like the built-in collection, you can download free background images from its online gallery by choosing the “Download” option of the application. If you are still not happy with the background images, you can set any of your favorite image by using “Create” option of the application. What else we can ask for!

The official website of the application says that LogonStudio works on Windows XP and Windows Vista. But I tried Windows Vista’s version on Windows 7 and without any issues it allowed me to customize the backgrounds.

Download LogonStudio

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17 thoughts on “Customize Windows 7/Vista/XP Logon Screen Background Using LogonStudio [Freeware]”

  1. i have this program but i don’t much like it because with mine you can change the background btu not the actual logon interface i.e. the placement of the user icon like on the picture at the top

  2. Ubuntu is far easy to customize rather using these crappy software in Windows 7. Linux rocksss……………..

  3. hey its awesome, now can you do me a favor? tell me please how can i put a button transparent like that, where do you get it? where can i find more buttons like that please tell me ;)

  4. I did drag and drop a picture from my collection and it worked, but now it will not change, even to the default Windows 7 screen!

  5. Yes, it works.
    Didn’t work first when I pressed the Apply button.
    But when I choose the image I want and just press Enter, then it will be installed as login screen.

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  7. This isn’t quite true.
    Most of the options work under windows 7, however, the CREATE button and then select the BROWSE doesn’t do anything. So you can apply ALREADY MADE backgrounds, but you cannot select a new image to create a background with under windows 7

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