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How To Extract Images From PowerPoint Files

Microsoft_PowerPoint_Logo You received a PowerPoint presentation(PPT/PPS) from one of your friends and the images used in the presentation are awesome. You would like to extract those images and use them in your next presentation. How will you extract the images?

Here are the easy and quick ways to extract images from Microsoft PowerPoint presentation files

1. PrintScreen

You can grab the images using PrintScreen key and a photo editing software like PhotoShop/ To extra the image

  1. Navigate to the slide from which you want to extract the images
  2. Press PrintScreen key; PrintScreen captures the screenshot and copies to memory
  3. Copy the screen capture into any of your favorite image editors and crop the unnecessary portions of the screen grab.
  4. Save the final image and reuse it however you want.


The above method is very useful if you want to quickly grab an image from the PowerPoint. But this proves as nightmare if you have to extract couple of 10s of images. The image editing work will be very time consuming and requires some basic skills of image editing.

2. Exporting To HTML

This method solves the problem we discussed in the previous method. To extract images from the PPT, all you need to do is to export the PPT as a HTML file using the menu option Save As by selecting “Save as type:” as  Web page(*.html, *.htm) . PowerPoint automatically saves images and other multimedia content to individual files to a folder called <name of your presentation>_files. 


This method extracts all the images, audio files and other multimedia content from PPTs and extraction happens in no time even though there are many images. But the two drawbacks with this method are

  • Loss of quality – The extracted images suffer quality loss
  • Dependency on PowerPoint installation. You need PowerPoint installation on the PC to open and save them as web pages.

3. Using OpenOffice

With the help of OpenOffice we can extract image from PowerPoint without losing any quality and size. Even tough it is little complex to extract images using OpenOffice,  it is worth if you are looking for quality images. Here are the steps to be followed

  1. Open the PPT file in OpenOffice
  2. Save the PPT file as ODP (OpenOffice Impress Format) file
  3. Rename the .odp file as .zip and extract the zipped file contents
  4. Open the extract files folder and navigate to Pictures folder to grab all the images of your PowerPoint

These are 3 methods we know to extract images from Microsoft PowerPoint files. If you are aware of any other solutions, please let us hear through comments.