Samsung Phone That Lets You Charge Using Solar Power

Samsung India recently introduced a mobile phone that gets charged using Solar Power. The model Samsung Guru E1107 can provide 5 to 8 minutes of talk time if it is charged for an hour using Solar Power. To charge the phone using solar power, we don’t need any external chargers or special device, all we need to do is to leave the phone in sun light and it gets charged automatically. That’s cool ah?


As many rural areas of India don’t have proper electricity supply, a phones that can charge with solar power is big boon. This phone is definitely going to win lots of hearts in the country which is mostly sunny & dry through out the year.

If you think that this phone is very expensive, here is a surprise. It just costs Rs. 2800 (~60$) and come with a regular charger. More details of the phone are available at Samsung India Mobile website.

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