What Features Google Copied From Windows Phone 7 In Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Google_icecream_sandwichAll is fair in the love and (mobile) war! For Google, seems to be it’s all fair to copy features from it’s competitors. The initial versions of Android OS is highly criticized for being a cheap mimic of iPhone OS and the latest version “Ice Cream Sandwich” seems to be borrowed heavily from Windows Phone 7. Yes there seems to be lot of traces of Windows Phone 7 in the Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich

  1. Swiping between menus instead of tapping them is Metro
  2. Action bar is copied from wp7 (especially making it common between apps, is exactly what Metro is)
  3. Photo album UI looks exactly like WP7 gallery
  4. Contact groups is from WP7
  5. People app is direct copy of wp7 people’s hub
  6. Folder creation method (dragging two icons together to make a folder) is from iOS
  7. Lock screen to camera is from WP7/iOS (which iOS copied from WP7)
  8. Switching reply method between email/sms/call in contact card is WP7 (Actually, webOS did that 1st –ed.)

Never mind this copy & paste game because even few of Apple’s iOS 5 features are borrowed from Android. Just enjoy the video demo of Android Ice Cream Sandwich mobile

Source: wpcentral

1 thought on “What Features Google Copied From Windows Phone 7 In Android Ice Cream Sandwich”

  1. Microsoft …copy google and ios features and give them competition……………..in there way.

    every one knowns if Microsoft copies………it wins in all the three……but patents comes …..

    anyway google is suffering from patents so……who copies suffers

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