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Know your PF Balance [Indian Website]

EPF EPF ( Employee Provident Fund) is one of the hidden savings we do during our employment period for the better life after retirement. People usually never think about the money that goes into the EPF account till the retirement / resignation from the company which allows some companies to make use of this negligence for their financial benefit.

The EPF Organisation has launched a new site View PF Balance, which allows you to know your current PF balance just like your  bank account ( You don’t need to Withdraw /Transfer) using your PF account number.

Steps to view to PF Balance

Launch the webpage View PF Balance and enter the the establishment code & the employee number in the first page. The first part of your PF number is usually the establishment code and the last part will be your Employee No.


It will display your name & account details and ask for the DOB & Father / Husband name details as the confirmation to display the balance amount. enter the details and  click the Get Details button.


This information will be very helpful, if you are planning for a partial withdrawal / loan from your existing PF account. I will cover the details about partial withdrawal in my next article.

How To Identify Establishment Code Of a PF Account