Tech Dreams

Samsung introduces smart watch. But without any smartness!

The era of mobile phone can be classified as before iPhone and after iPhone. When iPhone was introduced they were revolutionary, smart, awesome and technologically far advanced than any other phone available in the market. iPhone is the first true smartphone and a game changer. With the same goal in mind, Samsung tried revolutionizing watch […]

Tesla Model S rated as the safest car on earth. Employs Apollo Lunar Lander style safety measures

Gone are the days of BMW, Mercedes Benz & Audi’s. Its Tesla’s world now! Just like how iPhone redefined mobile industry few years ago, Tesla Motors is redefining cars now.  It’s breaking all the rules and raising the bar of every possible automobile standard. In a recent safety study Tesla’s Model S left all it’s […]

Out of the box Google Adsense supports Responsive Websites and it’s very easy to use

Today we launched a redesigned version of with responsive design support – now the website sports an uniform look and feel across all devices. The layout of the website automatically adjusts depending on the resolution of the device from which you are browsing and eliminates ugly zoom in/outs required for navigation. To see the […]