Facebook To Open Software Development Centre In New York, Hiring Engineers

Facebook has announced that it is planning to set up a new software development centre in New York early 2012 and going to hire talented software engineers. The number of people they are going to hire is not specified but mentioned that the company is ramping up it’s head count to several thousands to meet the demand. This is a great opportunity for engineers located in and around New York to work for one of the most amazing companies of this era.

The Software Engineering roles that are open include – Software Engineer, Ads; Software Engineer, Data Infrastructure Engineering ; Software Engineer, Infrastructure Engineering; Software Engineer, Tools Engineering; Software Engineer, Web Performance Engineering. Apart from these positions several other openings are posted in the functions like HR, Sales, Recruiting, etc.

If you are an enthusiastic software engineer and dreaming to work for Facebook, post your resume here.

Here is a video on what it is to work at Facebook

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