Wow Twitter!!! Ten billions and counting


Twitter the micro blogging site crossed the ten billions milestone on 4th of this month as per the report by GigaTweet (Site which tracks the number of tweets posted on twitter)

The person who sent the 10 billionth tweet is still unknown as his profile is protected. But the 9,999,999,999th tweet was sent by one Rafaela Marques from Brazil. AS you can see GigaTweet expects just another 196 days to reach the 20 billionth marks if tweet continues with the current pace.

Some of the interesting statics about rate in which people tweeted every year

2007 – 5000 tweets per day

2008 – 300,000 tweets per day

2009 – 2.5 million per day

It reached an average of 35 million tweets per day by end  2009. Today believe it or not the tweet rate is 50 million tweets per day and that’s why we call Wow Twitter!!!


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