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How to verify your name in voter list [Indian Websites]


In a democratic country like India the only weapon public has is the right to cast their vote to choose their leaders / lawmakers (!!!).The election commission releases the eligible voter list of each constituency before every election. Though the voter list easily available, people are not finding enough time to check it. I have heard from many of my friends, relatives and neighbours about experiences of unable to cast their vote on the Election Day as their name is removed from the voter list.

The “Election Commission of India (” is putting in lot of efforts to make the voter list transparent and easily accessible to all the people India. One such initiative is to make the voters list available online through the state election commission sites. To find your state election commission sites the main site itself provides a link ( which allows you to select your state from the list of states and launch the state election commission website.


I have selected “KARNATAKA” as state and clicked the “GO” button, which redirected me to the home page ( of Karnataka state election commission.


As you can see there is a link on the home page to search your name on the voter list. On clicking the link it launches the basic search screen where you can search the voter list by name, relation name (Father name, Mother name) and based on the area

Search Screen

It also has an advance search option which allows you to search with additional information such as House number and Sex. I have just typed Kumar in the name and selected area as “Nippani” and got the following results.


On clicking each name you see more details like your voter id number, ward number, division details etc. Almost all the states have a similar search options and many of them allow you to search in native languages like Tamil, Hindi.

Pass on this awareness to your friends. Cast your vote and be a citizen

I have googled and find out some of these direct links to search Eroll directly on state election commission sites.

Tamil Nadu:




Updated links


Uttar Pradesh:

Manipur :

Goa :



West Bengal: