Displaying Desktop Alerts Of Mails Arrived In All Folders Of Microsoft Outlook Mailbox

Microsoft_Oulook_Desktop_AlertsMicrosoft Outlook is undoubtedly the best Desktop email client available today for Personal Computers. Even though I've multiple mail boxes powered by GMail & Google Aps, I prefer to access work related emails using the Microsoft Outlook(with the help of Google Mail + Outlook POP3/IMAP integration).

The reason for using Outlook is very straight forward. Outlook boosts my productivity several times compared to web clients. In Outlook, Composing mails with complex objects like Images, tables layouts and attaching local files is very easy.

When a new mail arrives, Outlook displays an alert on the bottom right corner of the screen. By default email alerts are displayed only when the email is delivered to the Inbox. If you have created any rules that automatically move your mail to a different folder the desktop alerts won't show.

There is a workaround to beat this limitation of Microsoft Outlook and receive desktop alerts for all new mails irrespective of whether they are landing on Inbox folder or moved to custom folders. Here are the steps to be followed

Step 1: Open Outlook and go to Tools ->Rules and Alerts menu. Click on New Rule.


Step 2: Choose Check messages when they arrive available in the section Start from a blank rule and click on Next button 


Step 3: Don't select any condition and click on Next button.

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Step 4: Outlook displays a warning message saying that this rule will be applied to all the incoming mails. Choose the option Yes to indicate that it is correct.


Step 5: Scroll down the displayed actions list and select display a Desktop Alert. Click on the Finish the button to complete the rule.


Step 6: If you have any other alerts configured, make sure that the Desktop Alert rule is first one in the list. To move the rule up in the order, select the rule and click on the Up icon.



19 thoughts on “Displaying Desktop Alerts Of Mails Arrived In All Folders Of Microsoft Outlook Mailbox”

  1. This is really a gr8 info..tried so many thngs bt din knw how to get ths working..Thanks alot ..this is really useful and is working for me now!!

  2. This is not working for me. I have one exchange and one IMAP mail box. The rules set up on the IMAP mail box are NOT working.

    Any thoughts?

  3. I have to disagree that outlook is the “best” email client but immense thanks for this post! Very helpful.

  4. Thank you very much, you saved me a lot of time! Now I have a nice alert for each message (I added an extra sound in the rule, it looks so pro!)

  5. It’s still not working. Alerts worked perfectly on my Outlook on my XP system without rules. I transfered everything to my new Vista laptop and can’t get any solutions to work. This one was one I hadn’t tried, but the alerts are still not showing up – I do get a sound however. I have checked the Tools/Options/……Advanced Email and everything is checked on. Not sure what the problem is.

  6. nice
    it is work now but when i press(send/receive ) button
    not when someone send email
    what can i do now??

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